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Satisfy that hunger now! Order food online now in Nottingham Pizza and Kebab House. It's easy, fast and convenient. Try our online website which contains all our takeaway menu.


All your favourite food such as great tasting pizzas, burgers, southern fried chicken, drinks, desserts, special valued meal deals  and much more can now be ordered online with a fast home delivery service! Not only does the food tast great , it is also delivered hot and fresh at your door.

Nottingham Pizza and Kebab House gives 100% customer satisfaction with every food especially on pizzas as well as on service. Our aim is to give each and every customer the best experience there is.

Recent Feedbacks

Very good but hurry up I'm hungry!

By Adam Church on 31/10/2015 03:00:14

Very good but hurry up I'm hungry!

By Adam Church on 31/10/2015 03:00:10

Big up the 'Double Decker'

By Luke Benfield on 27/10/2015 18:28:50

The best in Nottingham..!!!!

By Khaleel Sethi on 16/10/2015 18:40:54

Food wasn't very hot, this spoiled it a bit for me. The fish would have been better if it was more crunchy and the same with the spicy chips. Overall not bad, but I've had much better elsewhere.

By Andrew Stansbury on 08/10/2015 21:34:49
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